About the founders

Hi friends, my name is Nathalia JMag, and I am a stay-at-home mom. My family means everything to me, and I absolutely adore spending time with my baby. Seeing him happy and giggling while he plays in his playsets is what inspired me to start this business.

I am a big fan of the great outdoors and going to parks and beach with my little one. Watching him explore and play brings me so much joy. I believe that quality time spent with loved ones is the most precious thing we can give each other, which is why I cherish every moment I spend with my family.

When I'm not playing with my baby, I love to read. It's a great way for me to unwind and escape into new worlds. I'm also a fashion designer, I absolutely love matching outfits with my little one.

Overall, I'm a dedicated mom who loves her family and pursuing her interests. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me, and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Hi everyone! My name is Maria Gallego and I'm excited to share a little bit about myself with you. First and foremost, I am a proud dog lover. I believe that our furry friends bring so much joy and love into our lives.  In 2021 I worked as a nanny for a year and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Being able to help care for and nurture young children was such a fulfilling role for me. In addition to my love for animals and children, I am also passionate about nature and creating memorable experiences for others. Whether it's exploring the great outdoors or planning special events for friends and family, I always strive to make every moment count. I am a family-oriented person and value the relationships I have with my loved ones deeply. At the same time, I also enjoy meeting new people and expanding my social circle. I recently graduated from Framingham State University and I am excited to see where my career as an entrepreneur takes me. Overall, I am someone who values connection, creativity, and making a positive impact in the world. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better!

About Tinys Dreamland

Im sure you read this on our home page but just in case you didnt here it is again! Welcome to our kids soft play rental business page! We are a rental service that provides high-quality, safe, and fun soft play equipment for children's parties and events. Our soft play equipment is designed to stimulate young children's imagination, develop their physical abilities, and encourage social interaction. Our playsets include soft play mats, ball pits, slides, tunnels, and climbing frames, all of which are made with soft, foam-like materials that are safe for children to play on. We take pride in providing a reliable, efficient, and hassle-free rental service. Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use to ensure that it's safe and hygienic for your little ones. We offer flexible rental options to suit your needs, whether you're hosting a small playdate or a large party. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your children have a fun and memorable experience with our soft play equipment. We understand how important it is to create a safe and stimulating environment for children, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that our soft play equipment meets the highest safety standards. We only buy equipment made of non-toxic materials. We look forward to working with you and providing your children with a fun and safe play experience!

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